Sunday, July 25, 2010

Refurbished Estate Sale Find

I really can't take much credit for this one!  Hubby spotted it at a FAB estate sale!

You know, the kind where everything is in the front yard, in boxes, stacked and stacked?  It's all a little dusty, maybe even junky, but GOOD JUNKY!  Nothing has a price on it, so you start piling stuff up by the "cashier" and negotiate when you're finished rummaging.

I found 3 blue mason jars, one with the zinc lid, a milk glass vase, and some UNREAL vintage daisy curtains.  Hubby found this!

It was painted THICK, CRUSTY, off-white paint.  Even the hardware!  Nothing was broken or missing, but it was a little wobbly.  So, we made our offer to the "cashier" and brought it home.

Hubby reinforced the back a little by adding a few new boards to the existing ones.  Then, he sanded, stripped the hardware, primed, and painted this beauty!  I WILL take credit for the paint color.  I originally wanted a green, but couldn't find one I liked, so it ended up this rich beautiful aqua. 

We know it's about 100 years old because of the square-headed nails we found holding in a piece of screen under the bottom drawer.  Why?  I don't know.  If you do, please tell me!

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  1. Amanda, thanks so much for emailing me with a link to your blog! (Glad you got the BINGO cards and got what you needed!) This is a BEAUTIFUL dresser - what a great find! Love the color.